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Below are just some of my latest dives.

Latest Dives

Washing Machine

March 5, 2019

The winds had picked up this evening and there was a large swell. Not enough to cancel the dive but definitely what I'd call adverse conditions. I was buddied with someone who hadn't done much diving recently so I packed away the camera to focus on navigation and keeping an eye on my buddy.

Underwater, the swell rocked us to and fro. Felt a bit like being in a washing machine at some points. There were even some areas that were just too turbulent to go down. The visibility was reduced to feet and it even became difficult to see eachother. We had to turn around and back track, looking to go a deeper and avoid the worst of the swell.

All in all it was a challenging dive but it's good to have those once in a while. My buddy did admirably and stuck with me the whole time.

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Another eveing dive in Wellington. I'm getting the hang of these shore dives.

Ready to dive

Beautiful night for a dive. I've dove Mermaid's Kitchen a number of times now so I'm getting more conservative with the camers but there are still some impressive critters down there.


? fish

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These evening dives really make for a great way to spend an evening in Wellington. This time we headed out to the Island Bay Snorkel Trail in the Taputeranga Marine Reserve.

Island Bay

The wind was at it again so the visibility was poor but we still made the best of it. Being a marine reserve the site was rotten with Crayfish. This one was quite bold and wasn't even hiding under a reef or in a crevasse.


Many many crayfish

I even found a crab tucked away between some rocks.


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Everett Toews
TBT: 101h 54m