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Below are just some of my latest dives.

Latest Dives

Shelly Bay

March 18, 2018

My first dive in New Zealand! I’ve moved to Wellington, NZ and my scuba gear has finally arrived. I’ve joined the dive club at Dive Wellington and it’s time to get back in the water. 

The club selects the dive site the morning of the dive depending on the conditions. Today we were headed out to Shelly Bay because it’s sheltered from the rough waters on the south of the island. It was a short drive from the shop to site.

It was a beautiful day and it felt good to be diving again. The water was cold but actually quite comfortable in a 7 mm wetsuit. I had to wear 7.5 kg of lead to sink all of that neoprene. The visibility was poor but not much to be done for that except to stick close to the group.

There were plenty of hermit crabs around but they’re typically camera shy. I got this pic before the hermit realized I was there. 

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab

We also came across some frisky sea stars (11 armed starfish). This is about as exciting as starfish get.

Frisky sea stars

There were also scallops and small fish ...

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Paradise Reef

December 7, 2017

Our last dive of the day was on Paradise Reef. I've dove this site a number of times and it usually delivers some interesting and memorable moments. Today it delievered once again.

This small eel was particularly feisty. Everytime I brought the lense close, it would snap at me. It made for some entertaining pictures before I took the hint and left.


We had descended on a bed of sea grass. As we drifted along, another diver pointed to something in the grass. A swam over to find an eel out in the open but in search of a hiding hole. I managed to capture the entire sequence of the eel reversing into its hole. Definitely one of the more memorable things I've witnessed underwater.

Eel reversing into its hole

The we came across this extremelyl well camouflaged Rockfish. I probably would have passed it by if the dive master hadn't pointed it out.


The remainder of the dive was filled with some great wildlife.


Schooling fish

Crab feeding on the reef

That made for a great end to the dive. We ascended and made our way back to the cruise ship.

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Tormentos Reef

December 7, 2017

Back in Cozumel off of a cruise ship for some afternoon diving with the folks from Sand Dollar Sports. Our first site was a reef I'd never been to before in Cozumel called Tormentos. It was a decent reef with plenty to see along the way.

"Eyeball" Anemone

If you look closely at this shot, you'll see the head of a nurse shark tucked away under the reef. It must have been sleeping or extremely relaxed because it didn't move a muscle as we drifted by.

Nurse shark

The visibility was pretty good on the dive and gave the reef a real aquarium feel.


All in all it was a nice easy dive to start the afternoon.

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Everett Toews
TBT: 91h 45m