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Below are just some of my latest dives.

Latest Dives

Crayfish catch at Red Rocks

January 26, 2020

This time we descended just off of Red Rocks in search of crayfish. This site is much shallower and much more weedy than Thoms Rock so it was difficult to find them off the start. As we headed away from the shore and got a bit more depth, we started to find some crays in nooks and crannies.

From this dive I had 5-6 attempts, 3 catches, and 2 throw backs for a total of 4 in my bag. A number of the other divers did better and we distributed the rest so we each had 6, the catch limit. Still, it was my best showing yet on a crayfish dive.

It was the first time preparing them myself so I kept it simple and just butterflied the tails and brushed on butter/garlic. My son helped out and completely prepared one himself, from tearing off the tail to butterflying it.

Prep Complete



I have to say, it's pretty gratifying having a meal with crayfish I caught and beer I brewed!

Crayfish Meal

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Crayfish catch at Thoms Rock

January 26, 2020

The Wellington wind finally died down to the point where we could safely get out to Thoms Rock to go diving for crayfish. From this dive I had 7-8 attempts, 5 catches, and 2 throw backs for 3 in my bag.

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HMNZS Canterbury Bow

January 20, 2020

The final dive of the trip was right back where we started, Deep Water Cove and the HMNZS Canterbury. We finished our surface interval and had lunch in front of Deep Water Cove Track.

Deep Water Cove Track

This time the plan was to explore the bow of the wreck.

HMNZS Canterbury Bow

Once again we were moored mid-ship and descended to explore the stern. The visibility was good and the bridge sits well above the deck (you can see it just above the gun turret above) so there was a nice bluish hue in it.


Then we explored the deck on the way to the bow. The gun turret had been removed and only a hole in the deck was left. We dove into it and explored the large area beneath the gun turret before continuing down the deck.

Area Beneath Gun Turret


Deck Vents




After reaching the bow we turned around and headed back but not before I took this photo op.

Everett on the Canterbury


We got back to the tower and began our ascent but not before the Cantebury had one last surprise for us. As we were starting the ascent ...

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Everett Toews
TBT: 117h 42m