Fish Pond

February 28, 2010

I was in Jamaica for a friend's wedding but I had to fit some diving in.  This was my first dive in Jamaica and I was diving with the guys from ScubaCaribe.  The dive boat left from the resort we were staying at around 9:00 am.  Before heading to the dive site we stopped by another resort to pick up more divers.

Once everyone was on board we made our way to Fish Pond.  The ocean was fairly rough but not enough so as to cause a problem.  The divemaster, Seymour, gave us the dive plan and we jumped into the water without incident.  The dive site itself was relatively shallow but full of some interesting coral and wildlife that I haven't seen before.

Puffer fish



A 4-5 ft. tall column of coral

Cleaner Shrimp

Cleaner Shrimp

Some cleaner shrimp

A small stingray that I managed to follow for 30 seconds.



Tiny crab?

This last crab like thing I found was the by far the most interesting creature on the dive.  It was nestled in the middle of some of the columns of coral pictured above.  That made it difficult to get a good angle shot of it from the front.  It looks like it might be something out of the crab family but I can't say for sure.

After this find the divemaster signalled that it was time to begin our ascent.  Everyone made it back onto the boat without any incidents and we headed back to the resort.

Fish Pond

Location: Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica


Dive Number:   70
Bottom Time: 41m
Time In: 9:44 a.m.
Tank In:
Max Depth: 63.00 ft
Table Used:
Mix:   Air
Safety Stop: 3m
Time Out: 10:25 a.m.
Tank Out:
Average Depth: 39.00 ft
Start Pressure Group:
Surface Interval:  
End Pressure Group:


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