The Mercury Islands

May 31, 2024

A trip to the Mercury Islands for a liveaboard dive trip on the MV Whai with the folks from Dive HQ.

MV Whai

We motored out from Whitianga late in the afternoon and headed for the Mercury Islands.

On the way to the Mercury Islands

To get an idea of the region, someone pulled out a map.


I did 11 dives over 3 days — the most diving I've ever done per day.

  1. Never Fail
  2. The Canyons
  3. The Blowhole
  4. Under Cliffs
  5. Geezer's Knob
  6. Tokaroa Rock
  7. Stanley Rock
  8. Stanley Bay
  9. Whale Rock
  10. Danger Rocks
  11. Flat Island

This was the first time I had used iNaturalist to identify flora and fauna for my dive logging. Here are all of my observations from this trip to the Mercury Islands.


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