The Boys First Dive

August 2, 2015

I finally got my boys in the pool for their first Discover Scuba Diving lesson! Both boys are over 7 years old and were eager to get in the water. 

We were staying at the Moon Palace Resort on the Riviera Maya and dive instructors from Aquaworld were offering the lessons. We lucked out and got a particularly patient and friendly instructor named Abraham Zamudio.

Naturally they watched the Discover Scuba Diving training video first. After that was out of the way, they geared up and hopped right in the resort pool. After letting them "dive" around a bit to get comfortable with the equipment, Abraham started teaching the basic skills like purging the regulator, checking remaining air, regulator recovery, and clearing the mask.






Abraham Teaching


Nate Underwater


Zach Underwater

After practicing their skills, we went for an extended dive in the resort pool.

At the end of the lesson they got to finish out the remainder of the air in their tanks by diving around.

Final Equipment Check

Scuba Dad

Attempted Group Photo

Zach and Dad

I was very proud of both of my boys. They both listened reasonably well, didn't get scared or frustrated, and did very well picking up the scuba skills. It will be a while before we get a chance to all go warm water diving again but we got a great start here.


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