Shelly Bay

March 18, 2018

My first dive in New Zealand! I’ve moved to Wellington, NZ and my scuba gear has finally arrived. I’ve joined the dive club at Dive Wellington and it’s time to get back in the water. 

The club selects the dive site the morning of the dive depending on the conditions. Today we were headed out to Shelly Bay because it’s sheltered from the rough waters on the south of the island. It was a short drive from the shop to site.

It was a beautiful day and it felt good to be diving again. The water was cold but actually quite comfortable in a 7 mm wetsuit. I had to wear 7.5 kg of lead to sink all of that neoprene. The visibility was poor but not much to be done for that except to stick close to the group.

There were plenty of hermit crabs around but they’re typically camera shy. I got this pic before the hermit realized I was there. 

Hermit Crab

Hermit Crab

We also came across some frisky sea stars (11 armed starfish). This is about as exciting as starfish get.

Frisky sea stars

There were also scallops and small fish around but not much else. The sea stars were the most interesting wildlife around this morning.

It was great to get my first dive under my belt in New Zealand. Looking forward to many more.

Shelly Bay

Location: Wellington, Maupuia, New Zealand


Dive Number:   122
Bottom Time: 40m
Time In: 11:03 a.m.
Tank In:
Max Depth: 28.00 ft
Table Used:
Safety Stop: 3m
Time Out: 11:43 a.m.
Tank Out:
Average Depth: 12.00 ft
Start Pressure Group:
Surface Interval:  
End Pressure Group:


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