Cave Bay

January 24, 2021

Cave Bay was a new dive site for me. Just the islands themselves are amazing.

Cave Bay

Stingrays were all over the place and highly photogenic.


This school of Porae swam on by.

School of Porae

I found these pitcher shaped anemone pretty interesting.


Cave Bay

Location: Poor Knights Island, Northland, New Zealand


Dive Number:   177
Bottom Time: 42m
Time In: 1:41 p.m.
Tank In:
Max Depth: 26.10 ft
Table Used:
Mix:   Nitrox
Safety Stop: 3m
Time Out: 2:23 p.m.
Tank Out:
Average Depth: 15.30 ft
Start Pressure Group:
Surface Interval:   1h 47m
End Pressure Group:


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