Shark Diving in Fiji

August 20, 2022

I went shark diving in Fiji on a 7 day dive trip with a great group from Dive Wellington. For me, this was a bucket list level dive trip. I've been wanting to go ever since I arrived in New Zealand.

We did 10 dives over 5 days, 6 of which were shark dives and they did not disappoint. I thought maybe it might get a bit repetitive but it did not in the least. Each dive had something unique and they were all absolutely mesmerising and exhilarating.

  1. Deadman's Reef
  2. Combe Reef
  3. The Bistro
  4. Sharknado
  5. Caesar's Rock
  6. ET
  7. Wheelie Bin
  8. Frenzy
  9. Shark Reef Marine Reserve
  10. Sharks Overhead

We stayed at the Uprising Beach Resort. Decent accomodations and friendly staff.

Uprising Beach Resort

Fiji really has some beautiful and lush tropical scenery.


I took a strong liking to Fiji Bitter. A fine brew fit for the tropical weather.

Fiji Bitter



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