Snorkelling in Mo'orea

October 20, 2023

We were in an overwater bungalow at our resort in Mo'orea. It's the first time our hotel room has come with life preservers!

Overwater Bungalow

Normally I'm not that excited about snorkelling but in circumstances like this it's too good to pass up. It's just a short walk down the stairs from our bungalow and into the water. There was a lot to see right at our feet.


This pair of butterflyfish kept dancing around each other.


Being overwater meant it was especially easy to go snorkelling at night. I had brought my dive light with me without realising the most use I'd get out of it was snorkelling.

Lots of the usual critters were about, I particularly liked the hermit crabs.

Moray Eel

Hermit Crab

With a number of crustaceans in the area, what I was hoping for was finding an octopus but no luck. However, there were some stranger creatures. Some sort of sea slug and some sort of sea worm with a many tentacled mouth. To be honest, it was just a bit distrubing to watch at night.


Sea Slug?

Sea Worm?

I hadn't really considered it beforehand but being in an overwater bungalow certainly made it easy to go snorkelling day or night and we were super happy with the result!


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