Humpback Whale Watching in Mo'orea

October 21, 2023

In Tahiti, under a strict set of rules, you are permitted to go humpback whale watching. That is, you're able to go into the water and snorkel while whales are in the area. 

We wound up having an absolutely wild experience. 

A baby whale decided to swim up to us. We were told they like to play and this one was definitely curious to give us a look.

Not to anthropomorphise too much but, in the pictures below, it's apparent the whale is looking directly at me and there is an intelligence behind those eyes.

Then it put on one hell of an acrobatic show in the water.

The massive dark shadow in the background in the later pictures is the mother. The baby was probably 6-8 metres long and weighs 1-2 tons while the mother could be 14-17 metres long and weighs up to 40 tons. We could even hear them calling to each other.

I never thought I’d personally have an experience quite like this. We’re very fortunate that baby whale decided to check us out.


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