An Evening in Island Bay

January 4, 2024

Out to the Island Bay Snorkel Trail for an evening dive.

Island Bay

Me and my buddy spent the first half of the dive very shallow looking for an octopus in the area. No luck. The only thing I found was this wandering anemone.

Wandering Anemone

The usual suspects were out, which is always great to see.

Blue Moki

Blue Cod


This school of fish also visited us.

School of Fish

I have a bad habit of overshooting the beach where we enter the Snorkel Trail and today was no different. Only this time I overshot it by so much, we wound up out by the baitshed one bay over. Under the water, I was surprised to see the hull of a boat. We were already pretty shallow so I surfaced to see where we were and, sure enough, I could see baitshed nearby. Fortunately, we both had plenty of air left so a short surface swim got us back to the beach.

Island Bay Snorkel Trail

Location: Wellington, Island Bay, New Zealand


Dive Number:   239
Bottom Time: 59m
Time In: 5:36 p.m.
Tank In: 209 PSI
Max Depth: 10.00 ft
Table Used:
Mix:   Air
Safety Stop: 3m
Time Out: 6:35 p.m.
Tank Out: 81 PSI
Average Depth: 4.60 ft
Start Pressure Group:
Surface Interval:  
End Pressure Group:


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